Discovery Flights and Gifts

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Let’s Go Flying!

Come take a flight!

1/2 Hour Discovery Flight Package for $120.00.

Our Discovery Flight Package includes a 1/2-hour flight in one of our aircraft, 1/2 ground school, and a first flight certificate.

1 Hour Discovery Flight Package for $215.00.

Our Discovery Flight Package includes a 1-hour flight in one of our aircraft, 1/2 ground school, and a first flight certificate.

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 Pick You Own Price Gift Certificate

Need a Gift Certificate for that special pilot in your life, but do not know what to gift that special person in your life.  We suggest giving them a “Set Value Gift Certificate”, such as $100, $200, $300, etc., they be used for some flight time or pilot supplies.

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About our Discovery Flight Packages.

Both Discovery Flight Packages are a hands-on flight experience.  Our certificated FAA Flight Instructor will teach you some basic principles about flight prior to departing on your first flight in the aircraft.  You will get a chance to learn about starting the aircraft, taxing the aircraft to the runway of departure, the departing procedures, and a chance to manage the controls of the aircraft, all under the control of one of our Flight Instructors.

Important information about your flight experience prior to purchasing.

  • Our Discovery Flight Packages expires one year from the date of purchase.
  • Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Please bring a valid form of ID with you to the airport.
  • The maximum weight for this experience is 250 pounds.
  • This experience is weather dependent.
  • One person per aircraft.
  • Due to FAA Rules and Regulations pertaining to our flight school, extra passengers are not allowed on Discovery Flights.
  • To schedule your experience, we recommend at least 7 days notification.
  • Discovery Flight Certificates are non-refundable

After purchasing your Discovery Flight Package.

  • Freeflight Aviation will send you a “Numbered” Discovery Flight Package” Certificate, so please add your email address to the checkout form.
  • This may take 3-7 business days.
  • To make your Discovery Flight reservation, please call 609-265-0399 or 609-456-0001
  • Your Discovery Flight “Certificate Number” is to be provided to Freeflight Aviation when making a reservation.
  • We will ask your weight, height, age, phone number, and email address for your reservation.  Why? – Knowing his information will help us chose an airplane, flight instructor, and send you and email of your appointment.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and sunglass for those sunny days.  We suggest no open toe shoes for your flight.
  • Please remember to bring your “Discovery Flight Certificate” with you on the day of your flight.
  • Discovery Flights may sometimes have to be rescheduled for weather, such as rain, wind, low clouds, mechanic problems, or other unknown reasons.
  • If you request a “Refund” of your online purchase, there is a $10.00 refund processing fee for the first $100.00 and 10% thereafter of the value of the certificate.  Refunds are only given if they were purchased as a “Gift Certificate” for a friend.