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The WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program is based on the premise that pilots who maintain currency and proficiency in the basics of flight will enjoy a safer and more stress-free flying experience.

The program encourages an on-going training program that provides you an opportunity to fly on a regular basis with an authorized flight instructor. The program is most effective if the training is accomplished regularly throughout the year, thus affording you the opportunity to fly in different seasons and in different flight conditions.

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Our Home Airport’s Youtube Channel

Our home airport, The Flying W Airport N14, now has a Youtube Channel featuring flight operations at on the Field.  See our flight school aircraft taking flight, along with other local aircraft. 

Since we have a DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner) on the field, you will see many aircraft (planes and helicopters) from other flight schools practicing and/or completing their checkrides.

Flying W Airport and Resort Flight Operations


PRIMARY TRAINING AND REFRESHER COURSE taught by our Flight Instructor Bob McCabe
Primary and Potential Students and Certificated Private Pilots classes usually held on a Tuesday Evenings, 6 PM – 9:30 PM

Starts:  – Tuesday May 28, 2024. Payment must be received by May 15, 2024 to attend class

Location: Virtual Class by Freeflight Aviation Instructor located at the Flying W Airport, 60 Fostertown Rd, Medford, NJ 08055 (PRESENTLY ONLINE COURSES ONLY)
Price:  $359.00 for the complete course or $30.00 per class
(Textbooks and pilot supplies sold separately)
Instructor: Bob McCabe
• This course covers all aeronautical knowledge items required for Private Pilot certification.
• Experienced pilots may attend the sessions of their choice as an excellent refresher.
• Rusty pilots will find this training a great way to get back in the game.

For more information or to register for this class, please visit our Contact Page and send us an email.

Training Textbooks for class: Please contact the instructor after registering for Textbooks and required pilot supplies.

Additional Information, including the class registration form for this Ground School can be found on our Google link.

Flight School Members Taking Flight

Patrick’s student Tyler with his father after receiving his Private Pilot Rating

Patrick’s student Herb after his solo flight

David with his student Luis after receiving his Private Pilot Rating

David with his student Luis after receiving his Private Pilot Rating

Hailey's student, Ryan, after his solo flight in the Piper Archer

Patrick Lewis and his student Dan returning from his Private Pilot checkride.

Tyler’s student, Shrinath, our newest rated CFI!

Discovery Aviation by completing a Discovery Flight!

Yes, this could be you, sitting in the Pilot’s seat of an aircraft, taking your flight flight.

Our Discovery Flight offers an introductory flight lesson with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor where you will be introduced to flying an aircraft. Our instructor sitting at the second set of controls will ensure your safety while you enjoy the excitement of flying an aircraft during your very first flight! This is truly “hands on experience.”

Our Discovery Flight Certificates are created to fulfill your wish to eventually fly an airplane by yourself. Whether you are an aviation enthusiast, seeking the thrill and adventure, interested in a new learning opportunity, learn more about a career in aviation for yourself or a loved one, this is a chance to follow your heart and float with us in the air of our aviation passion!

If you want to Purchase a Discovery Flight Gift Certificate for yourself or that special pilot in your life, but do not know what to gift that special person, just visit our Discovery Flight Gift Certificates webpage link HERE!

To book your Discovery Flight, just give us a call or send us an email request with a couple of dates and time periods. To send us an email, just “Click Here

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